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Please consider my essay "is David berman the Neil young of 1993?" Thanks!:

As many know, lead frontman of The Silver Jews has been called "The new Neil young." Is this true? I went down to the docks and asked a worker and he said it was. I told him to say a little more and he said he didn't think he should. I asked why and he pointed to David berman, who was leaning on a shipping crate, flicking a knife. I said thanks to the dock worker and as I began to walk toward David berman, a truck drove in between us and David berman ran off, down an alley. I chased him to an open square. The square was completely deserted, and I couldn't find David berman. I called the police who, upon surveying the square, said, "what, he just disappeared?" And then it hit me: in the middle of the square was a sewer drain! David Berman had run down into the sewers to escape. I went into the sewers and was there attacked by a moleman. We fought for hours. My sword grazed his arm and his claw mine. I said, "can't we make peace? I'm an investigative reporter." And he said, "I used to be an investigative reporter," and stopped swinging his claw at me. We sat down and I learned that he, too, had chased David berman into the sewer system, only to get lost and bitten by a spider that turned him into a moleman. We can find him together, I said. And so off we went, down into the chasm that the sewer led. after ten days travel, we arrived at an open clearing, an expanse of earth made of a purple rock. The moleman's eyes, not accustomed to the light bearing down on us from the three suns, burned and the moleman screamed. We fashioned him sunglasses and a leather jacket from various fauna and flora at our feet. I procured us small bugs to eat and the moleman made us a shelter. the suns set, and we went to sleep. I had a terrible dream. Neil Young was playing his famous concert in Idaho, and as soon as he finished, he went backstage and peeled the skin off his face and became David berman. the moleman shook me awake and asked what's wrong. Nothing, I said, and as it was nearing morning, the light entered our shelter. "Moleman," I said, "you used to be an investigative reporter?" The Moleman replied, "that's one way of putting it." "Go on, I said." "I used to be an artist," he said. "An artist?" "They called me... James Turrell." The light came through a hole in the ceiling of the shelter and we were lifted up hundreds of feet into the sky.


released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Hamnet New York, New York

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