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With jazz, the ones who could have been good become very conventional. I heard the man who was playing—what was his name? He died. He was a god of music in that field. He played a kind of saxophone—Charlie Parker. At that time he lived in New York. He followed me on the street, and he said he wanted to be with us. The day I left I said, "We'll get together. I'll take you for my pupil." Then I had to catch my boat. It's when I went to Europe for Déserts. And Charlie Parker died in '55, in March. Oh, he was so nice, and so modest, and he had such a tone. You could not know if it was an angelic double bass, a saxophone, or a bass clarinet. Then one day I was in that big hall there on 14th Street, the Cooper Union. Somebody said, "I want to meet you." She was the widow of Charlie Parker. She said, "He was always talking about you, so I know all about you." And that man was a great star. He wanted to study music and thought I had something for him.


released February 7, 2015



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Hamnet New York, New York

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Track Name: Lemon
I went to the bank and asked about my lemon. The teller said he had a lemon just like mine. I asked if I could see the lemon, if it was really just like my lemon. I didn't think it was possible...

Time doesn't exist.
Time doesn't exist.

I waited till seven and I went home with the bank teller. We got on the bus because he didn't have a car that he drives to work—he has a car, but he doesn't drive it to work. He takes the bus.

Time doesn't exist.
Time doesn't exist.

We got into his home he lives in Coral Gables. He opened the door and turned on the light to his home in Coral Gables. On the table in the center of the room was a lemon. On the center of the table in the center of the world in the center of the world of the—

Time doesn't exist.
Time doesn't exist.

Track Name: Bræd

Bread, I want bread.
Bread, I want bread.


Bread is the staple food prepared from dough. From flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history, it has been popular by u and me. Bread is good, but don't eat too much. You'll fall down at a single touch. There are many types of bread. And flours and other things you could eat instead, all kinds of bread.

Track Name: Ted
Ted, that's who I want to raise my children. I picked him because, even though there were a lot of choices—robert, steve, john, and so forth—I picked Ted, and even though I consider the reasons are personal, too personal to talk about, really, it's because he's stable, and kind, and that's something I need in my life right now, kindness; if I were to ask Ted, for example, and this is a little off topic, but that's my habit, if I were to ask him, do you know what's on the TV tonight? I bet he would, he's good like that. He'll know a show, pick a show, and we'll watch it together, sitting on the couch; sometimes he'll even make dinner; once he made this nice kind of pasta I hadn't had before, and I know he isn't afraid to try new things. I love to spend my time with Ted and even though after dinner I like to have a little exercise, just to get rid of a little nervous energy at night, I go on a bike ride, and Ted doesn't come, and it bums me out, but its OK, so I bike alone, and I think about all this, and it's okay, I don't mean to be ungrateful, I know Ted is usually tired by evening, he has to wake up early to get to work.
Track Name: Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley nodded at me.
Charles Barkley nodded at me.

I was walking out the door and I saw Charles Barkley.
The round mound of rebound nodded at me.
When I saw him he said hi with his eyes.

He said hello to me.
He said hi with his eyes.

Charles Barkley.
Charles Barkley.

Charles Barkley!
Charles Barkley!
Charles Barkley!
Track Name: Dolph Lundgren
The rain it was raining. The thunder it was thundrin'. And everybody screaming for Dolph Lundgren.


Rain it was raining, thunder it was thundering. And everybody screaming for Dolph Lundgren.



Dolph, Dolp—



The rain it was raining the thunder it was thundering, and everybody's screaming. A man walked into the temple and asked, "Do you know why it is that they're screaming?"

"I don't," I said.

"I think it may have to do with—"


Track Name: Pobox Jones
Hobie Bell wasn't my friend. But Pobox Jones caused me no end of pain.

Pobox Jones. (Pobox)
Pobox Jones. (Pobox)
Pobox Jones. (Pobox Jones)

Pobox Jones you're not my friend. You caused me pain to no end. I don't like you. Get out, you're so much goo. (goo).

Pobox, Pobox, Pobox, Jones.
Pobox, Pobox, Pobox, Jones.

Pobox Jones works at the shopping mall. Pobox Jones is very tall and I'm so mad at him. I am very mad at him. Pobox Jones wears a hat every day. Pobox Jones is always in my way.
Track Name: Göron Blix
Goran Blix sold his books to the store because he didn't need them anymore. Goran Blix, Goran Blix.

Goran Blix is a professor of French at Princeton University. Goran Blix is a professor of French at Princeton University in New Jersey. I'm not sure whether he commutes from the city or not. He gets pretty good ratings on a few different websites that rate professors, students like him and think he's nice, but personally, I don't know him so well. I didn't go to Princeton. I went to the Goams, which is competitive and, I think, a good school. Competitive—if not in French—at least in pining, which I don't think has a very big program at Princeton. Anyway, the point is, wherever Goran lives, his apartment is very small. He's got too many books to keep them all.

Goran Blix, Goran Blix. Goran Blix, Goran Blix.

Goran Blix took off his mask. Gobogan Blix is Pobox Jones. [guitar]
Track Name: Oak Goam
Who Was the Venerable Bede?

The Venerable Bede – also known as St Bede – is widely regarded as the greatest of all the Anglo-Saxon scholars. He lived and died in between the twin monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow in the North East of England between 673 and 735 AD and wrote or translated some forty books.
Track Name: Stephen Shore / Little Brown Mem
I don't like Stephen Shore. He used to be good but not anymore—I mean he's fine, but look at his instagram, for example. I don't think he's a bad person, and I don't think it's so bad at all that he takes bad pictures that I don't like because honestly, if I were in my seventies, I would probably rather have a cocktail or watch baseball than take a photograph. Especially in such a time consuming way; and I respect the process I just don't really understand it anymore. But hey, that's just me. I can't speak for him. Stephen Shore, Stephen shore, Stephen Shore, Stephen Shore walking. Stephen Shore talking. Stephen Shore looks at the clock. Stephen Shore's not got that much time. Stephen Shore. Is it really such a crime?

Stephen Shore is friends with [WILLIAM EGGLESTON] [WHO IS SAID TO BE] a pill, but he's fun to be around. They always paint the town.

Stephen Shore he's friends with Bill [the pill], but he's fun to be around. They always paint the town.

It's fun to sing a song. In a song you can't go wrong. Watch out.

Once I saw Stephen Shore speak in Los Angeles, California, at the photography conference. He said, "Little Brown Mem lived in a cave. Little Brown Mem had a friend named Dave."

"Dave?" I said.

"Little Brown Mem walked to the beach in the sand. Little Brown Mem didn't have any hands."

I coughed.

I coughed again, the air was thick in Los Angeles because of the pollution, the cars, the airplanes. What is happening to us? I can't imagine the Earth has very long left and you know, I went to a movie last week and when the film was over, I left the theatre and an older, fanatical man (the type who sees movies late and alone) told me not to have any children, because everything was going to be over soon—2050 at the latest—he had gone to Stanford, and he was writing a book about it. "Iit's probably better not to subject kids to all of that," he said. "If you know what I mean." "Yeah," I said. "I do."

"Little Brown Mem," Stephen Shore said. "Little Brown Mem. Little Brown Mem. Little Brown Mem! Little Brown Mem walked through the street looking for something nice to eat."

Stephen got off the stage and walked over to the piano.

"Something wrong?" I said.

Stephen Shore sat down on the bench, looked at me and began to play.
Track Name: Capitalism
Track Name: The Fishermen Come (Live)
The fishermen come. The trading floor. The apple store. The fishermen come.
Track Name: Here Comes the Bride (Cover)
Although at most weddings the chorus is usually played without vocal singing (usually on an organ, if there is any), in Lohengrin the wedding party sings these words at the beginning of Act Three:

Treulich geführt ziehet dahin,
wo euch der Segen der Liebe bewahr'!
Siegreicher Mut, Minnegewinn
eint euch in Treue zum seligsten Paar.
Streiter der Tugend, schreite voran!
Zierde der Jugend, schreite voran!
Rauschen des Festes seid nun entronnen,
Wonne des Herzens sei euch gewonnen!
Duftender Raum, zur Liebe geschmückt,
nehm' euch nun auf, dem Glanze entrückt.
Treulich geführt ziehet nun ein,
wo euch der Segen der Liebe bewahr'!
Siegreicher Mut, Minne so rein
eint euch in Treue zum seligsten Paar.

Faithfully guided, draw near
to where the blessing of love shall preserve you!
Triumphant courage, the reward of love,
joins you in faith as the happiest of couples!
Champion of virtue, proceed!
Jewel of youth, proceed!
Flee now the splendour of the wedding feast,
may the delights of the heart be yours!
This sweet-smelling room, decked for love,
now takes you in, away from the splendour.
Faithfully guided, draw now near
to where the blessing of love shall preserve you!
Triumphant courage, love so pure,
joins you in faith as the happiest of couples!
Track Name: Hamnet Plays His Own Piano Music
Lemonheads – 3-9-4 Lyrics

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,
with usura
hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luz
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,
with usura
seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly
with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour
with usura the line grows thick
with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling.
Stonecutter is kept from his tone
weaver is kept from his loom
My life had stood, a loaded gun
Cornered, til the day
The order passed, identified
And carried me away
Do you understand how it ends,
Do you understand how it ends?
Do you understand...how it ends, now!

N.B. Usury: A charge for the use of purchasing power, levied without regard to production; often without regard to the possibilities of production. (Hence the failure of the Medici bank.)